Originally I started research on Jan Veen as part of my Master's Degree from Emerson College (1989). Toward the end of my time there, I came to a realization that this thesis was not getting written because I don't like to write as much as I like to research and dance.

The upshot of that is that I have a Lot of research done on Jan Veen, and a small portion of it is now available here. Perhaps someday I will find someone who likes to write, and who would like to collaborate on a book about this important piece of Boston Dance History.

But why now is the question I am answering here. Well to be perfectly frank, it appeared to me that Jan Veen's legacy was being lost. I went to the Boston Conservatory website and there was no mention of him in the Dance Program section. I believe that without his drive and passion for dance there would be much less dance in Boston today - and I am also convinced that there very likely might not be a Boston Conservatory Dance Program.

Therefore because I love Dance History and because I hate seeing our Boston Dance History lost, I am going to work on this site as I have time. If there is anything you have that would add to the website, including personal history of the man, I would be interested in that as well as contact from those who were his students.

Finally I would like to have a page of links for those who call Jan Veen a dance ancestor. Please contact me at my business address moira@solsticesun.com with your connection To Jan and your website address .

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