Jan Veen in Pictures

These pictures are some of the best group shots, I currently have processed, showing Jan Veen's performance, choreography and teaching. At some time in the future I hope to post more of his solo work.

The cover shown here is an image of his actual Photo Album given to him by his sister. Note the initials "H. W.", which stand for Hans Weiner. Per my conversation with Ruth Ambrose, former Chairman of the Boston Conservatory Dance Program, the final picture is the picture Jan Veen always posted at the entrance to his concerts at The Boston Conservatory.

You can choose how you would like to travel through this sample of Jan Veen's work. Simply click on the "Forward" link to travel forward one picture at a time, click on the "Back" link to return to the previous photo, and if you are in a more adventurous mood click on the "Random" link to let the computer show you whichever photo it brings up.

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Jan Veen's Photo Album

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